One Hour Payday Loan

What Is A One Hour Pay Day Loan?

A one hour payday loan is one if not the most quickly expanding elements of the personal financial lending market. In this tough current financial environment, more and more individuals are living from salary payment to salary payment and as a consequence are not in a position to save any funds. Therefore, upon an unforeseen cash emergency, customer require access to fast and immediate cash given many of us have used up our emergency funds living our day to day lives. This is where the one hour payday loan emerges to be a useful (if used correctly) cash safety net for thousands of people the world over.

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A pay day loan is a relatively small loan amount (comparable to the average month's salary in general) and is additionally lent over a short time period typically, until your next paycheck is due. In most cases they are administered under a collateral free basis essentially meaning that no security in the form of assets (your house, car etc) need be offered in the event your default upon the payments. Given the risk lies mainly with the lender, a consequence of this is comparably high fees or interest is charged to cover the borrowing. That said if you are in a financial fix then a one hour payday loan can help even if fees are higher than mainstream lending.

Typically, payday loan companies will not conduct a credit check (sometimes referred to as a Telecheck) meaning people with less than perfect credit histories can apply and be granted a pay day loan. Numerous payday loan firms will guarantee that you repay the amount borrowed by obtaining a signed and dated check payment from you for the full amount of the loan in addition to the fees or interest charged. This post dated payment is then held for the duration of the lending by the company and cashed in again by them, at the agreed repayment date.

How Does a 1 Hour Payday Loan Work?

A one hour payday loan company generally operates either through an online or a face to face basis. However, both will administer the loan in the same manner. To enable you to obtain the loan you require you will firstly be asked to provide some information, for example, your name, your place of work, your salary and further personal financial details. Following receipt of this information the one hour payday loan company will assess your application and make a decision regarding your eligibility to receive the loan. If you are approved for the payment, you can generally select to obtain the payment as cash or the funds transferred to your nominated bank account.

Why Choose These Fast Payday Loans?

The one hour payday loan is becoming increasingly popular particularly to individuals who are not in a position to wait until their next payday. Unforeseen cash emergencies such as auto repairs, hospital bills, essential house repairs all require immediate financing which at times our resources to do allow. The principle benefit of these types of loans is of course their speed, enabling customer to have receipt of the cash very quickly to cater for the emergency situation.

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