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We've all been there: our paycheck is still days (or weeks!) away, and we are in the middle of a financial crisis. Our credit card was declined, our bank account is nearly overdrawn, and our emergency cash fund dried up months ago. Where do we turn?

For many individuals, asking friends and family members is either out of the question or avoided because of embarrassment. With that said, there is a place to turn when it seems like all other avenues are blocked.

Payday loans can be a source of instant cash when cash is short but financial obligations are screaming to be remedied. In fact, payday loans may very well the financial fix so many of us are searching for.

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• Take, for example, car problems. They are usually expensive and usually can't wait until our next paycheck. After all, we need our cars to go back and forth to work, to pick up our children from school, and to go the grocery store. Most of us simply can't wait until our next paycheck to take care of car problems. Car problems are usually unexpected and usually require our immediate attention. Payday loans can solve our car problems and help get us on our way in no time.

• A move is another time when we may need an instant financial fix. A move can be very expensive, yet is often necessary. Just some of the costs associated with moving are: renting a moving van, paying a moving company, and paying the security deposit and utility set up fees. For those of us living from paycheck to paycheck, this can prove to be near impossible. However, with the help of payday loans, we can tackle moving expenses and complete our move without the added stress of wondering where we are going to come up with quick cash.

• Another common financial emergency may arise when we need to make a surprise trip to visit a sick relative or a funeral. Travel expenses can be costly, and traveling for emergency purposes usually doesn't give us the time to come up with the cash necessary to pay for gas, airline tickets, lodging and other travel-related expenses. Payday loans, because they can often be secured in less than a day, are the obvious choice for a smart, financial fix, particularly if you are unable to use credit cards.

Online paydayloans are incredibly convenient for today's consumers, as they require no credit check and no hassle. Easy and quick online applications make the process of applying for an online paydayloan quite effortless, and the electronic transfer of funds allow payday lenders to get you the money you need, often in less than a day.

Don't let your financial emergencies get you down. Consider the conveniences of securing an online payday loan to cover your unexpected expenses. Your instant financial fix is just steps away. Just log onto your personal computer and begin exploring the many ways in which online payday loans can save you from a financial disaster.

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