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Of course, no one enjoys unexpected expenses, but all people may take comfort knowing that short-term unsecured loans are available. Funds are provided to pay repair bills, hospital expenses or any of life's surprises. Any person who is at least 18 years of age and currently receives a salary of approximately $1,000 a month or more may take advantage of a unique source of unsecured credit. These loans are provided by cash advance companies that specialize in quick approval and fast funding.

The purpose of a short-term loan is to cover emergencies that arise in day-to-day living. As the name implies, a short-term loan is not intended to pay for regular expenses over a period of months or years. Lenders expect repayment within a few weeks when employees receive salaries at the end of the next regularly scheduled pay period.

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The unique service offered by payday lenders continues to grow in popularity because of the easy qualification standards and the quick availability of emergency cash. Borrowers may use a cash advance to receive funds when need. The best companies provide prompt and professional services, beginning with the application process, through funding, at all times while a loan remains outstanding. The most successful companies rise above other lenders by providing lower rates, better service, and more flexible terms.

Potential customers easily find hundreds of companies offering similar loans on the internet. These companies do not provide equal rates or repayment terms. The best companies are distinguished by years of professional service dedicated to meeting each customer's needs. Each application receives individual review. All rates and terms are custom tailored to the qualification and repayment ability of each borrower.

A poor credit rating and a history of bounced checks do not necessarily disqualify an applicant. These factors may influence the maximum amount of a loan. Nevertheless, a high salary, employment longevity, and a clean credit report may increase the amount an approved loan and result in lower rates. Approvals for as little as a few hundred dollars or up to $1,500 or more are common.

Customers may apply for a cash advance online. The process requires an accurate list of ordinary personal information. All reputable firms confirm personal information and present employment status. Companies may also review credit reports and other financial data. Providing accurate information for verification is the key to receive quick approval. Once approved, funding is available the same day by wire transfer.

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